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The stranger introduces herself as Pushpa and surprises Pratibha by providing answers to her every question. She introduces herself as Pushpa Chachi tells her that her husband is on his way to school and that Pihu is there at her best friend Shalini's place. Pihu's chachi informs her that their parents are on the way to Shanlini's house and begins to leave. But while she is on her way out, Pratibha notices her. Back home, amidst much criticism, Pratibha manages to muster enough courage to scold Pihu but her husband stops him and rebukes her in front of the entire family. Later, he goes to her in person and blames her for her own shameful condition making her unworthy of stepping outside the house. As soon as the family go out for dinner leaving Pratibha home, Pushpa arrives at Pratibha's doorstep. How will Pushpa help Pratibha overcome her humiliation on her path to self-realisation? Keep watching to find out.

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